I still don't know the name of that security guard. There is a convenience store near my home, and he is the only security guard that always keeps a big smile on his face even when the store is busy.

He always says hello to everyone. When he's busy, he shows his greeting by smiling. After Covid, I can tell people's facial expressions even they wear a face covering. In recent months my housemate and I have always appeared in the store for discounted sandwiches in the evening, and I guess he must be familiar with us, one always in PJ pants, and another always wears the same waterproof jacket.

We gradually developed a kind of “tacit understanding”. One day, I was pouring Jelly beans into my mouth as I walked into the store. I bought this packet from another store, and suddenly realised that this store has the same product. Then I stopped and began to titter with embarrassment. Just as he reached his hand over, I held the packet out. I poured a few candies into his palm. He said with a laugh, “I don't always eat food from customers, but you two are special!”

The last time I saw him was in September. We asked him when the shop assistants started to put the yellow stickers on sandwiches, he said 7 pm. He also said if he can help save a few for us, but he would go to another store two days later because he rotates through the different branches. When I meet him again, I will show him this blog.




天气变化得很快,这周开始就是正式的秋天了,从温度到天气都是。今年夏天实在太凉快了,所以入秋其实也没有之前那么痛苦,好像八月就一直在穿长袖长裤了。今天下午难得天气不错,跟室友走去了一个有中文书馆藏的图书馆。我们提前注册好了,来了就可以领卡然后借书,我借了本Peter Hessler的寻路中国的中文版,和一本英文的讲地铁的厚书。明天去隔壁镇图书馆还九月初借的几本书,有本讲城市漫步的,结果全是在有尾气的路边散步,翻了几页就不看了,这算什么嘛,还是大树林大草地好。现在已经不买书了,勿增实体,全靠图书馆和Libby,书架上还有本学校借来的cmx读书会要看的小说。图书馆作为一个portal让书在人们手中流转,如果写一本书的旅程一定很有意思,我猜只要是不太巨大的书都坐过很多次公交地铁了。






I was not that miserable during high school compared with other Chinese students. I did not always go to the refectory. Of course I was not a good student, so I had enough time to explore the shops nearby during my lunch break and the dinner break. One day I found Maggi instant mashed potato in a shop. It met all my needs: cheap, instant, tasty, can provide enough carbs for the upcoming classes, and warm, which is important in winter. Yesterday I saw instant soup in a supermarket. It immediately reminded me of my old love. Since there wasn’t a Maggi one, I grabbed another brand that I never heard of. Turned on the tap, switched on the kettle, tore the sachet, poured the powder and hot water, mixed. A taste of nostalgia. Sadly I've got used to the familiar industrialised taste, and not able to enjoy fresh-made mash. It accompanied me once for a long time, and now it’s back to my life again.


Last month my housemate Yahui and I went to a park nearby to view the annular solar eclipse. Before set off, I made a simple eclipse viewer, and had a bottle of ink with me.

It was cloudy when we arrived at the park. Some people were taking group photos, more people were jogging, it seemed that no one had heard about the news of solar eclipse. We had to sit on a bench and wait. Soon the sun appeared under the cover of thin clouds. I took my viewer and stood with my back to the sun, looking for a suitable angle. Then I saw a spot on the screen that looked like a torch. It was trembling slightly because of my heartbeats.

We then walked towards the lawn. There we met Kim, a woman in her 50s or 60s. She leaned on her bike with the bike lying on the ground, viewing the eclipse in a very relaxed position. She said we are the only two she met viewing the eclipse at that day. She said 20 years ago, when we were not born yet, there was a solar eclipse that everyone came out, waited and viewed, but now no one even care about this. No matter what happened on the Earth, the cosmos always follows it's own way and will never be changed.

Kim asked our names and their meanings. Yahui, the light but not that dazzling, exactly echoed with the theme of that day.

How to make the solar eclipse viewer:


I can't find a proper word in English to refer to 饼 (Bing), which can be tortilla, flatbread, naan, or pancake. Having grown up in Northern China, Bing is always my breakfast since I was in kindergarten. It's easy to cook, can be served as breakfast, dinner or a snack. I improved(localised?) the recipe so that all the ingredients can be found in a Western supermarket.


1 Egg 1 Tortilla wrap 1 Spring onion/green onion Vegetable oil Salt Lettuce Chilli Sauce (Optional) Chopped coriander (optional)


Step 1: Chop the spring onion. Mix an egg with 2 pinches of salt and the chopped spring onion in a bowl.

Step 2: Add 1 tsp oil to the pan. Turn on the medium heat, and pour the egg mixture into the pan. Cover the tortilla over the egg mixture. * Please pour in the egg mixture before the pan is hot. In this way, the egg mixture and the tortilla wrap can be stuck together.

Step 3: When the egg mixture becomes golden, flip the Bing and heat the other side for several seconds till it's warm.

Step 4: Spread some Chilli sauce on the Bing. Laoganma, Gochujang, Sriracha or Thai sweet chilli sauce all work well! Add some chopped coriander to garnish. Put two leaves of lettuce on the Bing, fold in two edges, and it's now ready to serve. * Which kind of lettuce? Romaine, iceberg, butter lettuce, or any crunchy lettuce you like!




在柏林住的是Charlottenburg 附近男女混宿的青旅,类似宿舍上下床的配置,10人一间,共用一个卫生间及衣橱。旅游开始的第二天,起床后隔壁床的人跟我搭讪我就回了两句,结果此人从行李箱掏出一盒费列罗和几个Mars巧克力拿给我并紧紧握住我的脖子后方,亲了我的脸。此时房间里并无他人,脖子被握住我感觉很危险,就拿起费列罗的盒子使劲打了他的头。然后他骂骂咧咧地把行李箱收拾好去退房了。我坐在床上手足无措,拼命地给朋友们发消息,担心被报复,但最后还是决定去报警。

等他退房之后大概又过了半小时,我收拾好行李,揭下贴在他床头的写着名字和床位的卡片,去找了前台,申请换成female only的房间。前台帮我报了警并复印了那人的护照信息。大概过了十分钟,来了两位人高马大全副武装的男警员。他们二人请我陈述了事情的全过程,简单地记录了一下,打电话汇报,然后跟我说,我可以跟他们去警察局做笔录,并且请了专门处理性犯罪相关的agency帮助我,警察局也离城里近一点。于是我就坐了警车进城,人生头一次。

两个年轻警察也还挺友好的,一位普鲁士人,一位土耳其裔。问我去了哪里玩,是不是现在对柏林的印象变得很差了;路过柏林动物园,他们说里面有熊猫哦,我们车上现在就坐着一位panda specialist。警察们听说我是一个人来玩的,特别震惊,还叫我下次住青旅一定要住female only的,我说在伊朗的时候也是男女混住呢,他们说伊朗不行吧,我说外国人可以的。警察还问我香港是怎么回事,我说居民觉得警察没有跟他们站在一起。

到了警察局(LKA 1),一位中年男性警察接待了我,并给了我一杯热咖啡。他说他请了一位专门协助此类案件的可以讲普通话的翻译,我说其实我完全可以用英语来讲,他说这种事最好还是有翻译协助比较好。我只是觉得用母语复述痛苦的事会增加我的痛苦,每复述一遍就好像又亲身经历了一次,用英语就不会有那么强烈的痛感。有种理论是说讲外语的时候没有连结那么多感情,现在体会到了。










Hello from the other side.

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